DBK Partners law office engages in charitable and social activities supporting socially disadvantaged persons, particularly children and the youth. We sponsor the development of projects that provide money for education and safe future. Our assistance is always provided directly to a specific child. We strive to influence the level of public life and civil society and we therefore actively support social projects positively influencing spiritual development of individuals.

We support:

GIVE CHILDREN A CHANCE non-profit organisation

We co-operate with DEJME DĚTEM ŠANCI o.s. (GIVE CHILDREN A CHANCE) – an organisation providing comprehensive support to children and young people growing up in children’s homes. The objective pursued by the organisation is to facilitate successful inclusion of children in society once they leave children’s home.

Our office provides financial support to the Scholarship Programme of DEJME DĚTEM ŠANCI o.s. within the project “Help me start my life ...”

Butterfly Community Centre

“Steps and curbs aren’t the biggest obstacle for integrating handicapped people. The worst barriers are those in our minds and are called prejudice, intolerance, lack of understanding ...”

The association was established primarily to help handicapped children and their families. Our law office decided to financially support the activities of the Association for Assistance to Handicapped Children of the Motýlek (Butterfly) Community Centre.