public procurement

Our law office provides legal services to contracting authorities as well as to the tenderers in individual tender procedures.

We offer comprehensive legal advice to contracting authorities during the whole course of tender procedure, beginning with the analysis of the most appropriate type of procedure, providing consultancy during the preparation of tender specifications and qualification criteria, and subsequent legal services in the course of tender procedure, and preparing of contracts, whether the purchase agreements, contracts for work or others.

We provide tenderers with services related to the preparation of their tenders, preparation of objections and proposals to revise the decisions of the contracting authority, including the possible preparation of a proposal for the review of the decision on the most advantageous tender.

In the field of public procurement, we provide especially the following legal services:

  • legal consultancy in connection with the preparation of terms of tender; 
  • comprehensive legal services during implementation of the tender procedures; 
  • preparation of legal documents connected to tender; 
  • preparation of objections against decisions of the contracting entity; 
  • follow-up legal services, such as preparation and reviewing of the contracts, etc.