commercial law and company law

The commercial and company laws belong to one of the most important legal areas in which our law office provides its legal services. Most of our important clients are corporations operating in various sectors.

On one hand, our law office provides legal services in the field of common corporate agenda and on the other we ensure individual transactions (preparation of business contracts, legal opinions, and consultations to the transactions between related parties, etc.).

When preparing the business transactions, we always consider potential tax impacts so that the legal services provided are comprehensive and convenient for the client.

The legal services provided by our law office in the area of commercial law include, in particular:

  • foundation of new companies and corporate governance of business companies (holding of general meetings, changes in company bodies, increases/decreases in the registered capital,etc.); 
  • consultancy during implementation of transactions between related parties; 
  • preparation of business contracts according to the needs and requirements of the client, including proposals for appropriate securing of obligations, negotiations with the counterparty on the terms and conditions and content of the contractual documentation; 
  • preparation of legal opinions.