About us

DBK PARTNERS, Law Office, is a significant Czech law firm which provides comprehensive legal services. Our team is built on experienced lawyers with various fields of specialisation and expertise.

To complete our legal services, we co-operate with wide range of external professionals comprising of cooperating lawyers - specialists, judicial experts, auditors, tax advisors and translators.

Since our services also require knowledge of foreign laws we co-operate on a long-term basis with law offices in various foreign countries, mainly in Europe.

Therefore, we can provide our clients with comprehensive legal services in all areas of law, including the cases involving international elements.

We are providing legal services especially in the following areas:

  • commercial law and company law; 
  • transformations of companies, acquisitions; 
  • tax law; 
  • corporate governance; 
  • law of contracts; 
  • public procurement; 
  • litigations, arbitrations and other proceedings.